100% Cashmere Chevron Couch Throw Blanket, Moccasin Yellow And White, Adult & Baby, Travel Lap Blanket, Gift Option

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Discover unmatched comfort through our exquisite 100% Cashmere Chevron Throw Blanket in Moccasin Yellow and White. Carefully handcrafted in the Himalayas, it's your ideal companion for cozy winter nights and year-round versatility. Get yours now!

Product Description:

Experience the opulent comfort and soothing warmth of our versatile 100% Cashmere Chevron Throw Blanket. Crafted with expertise by skilled Nepali women amidst the awe-inspiring Himalayas, this blanket embodies remarkable craftsmanship and a deep connection with the region's cultural heritage.

Key Features:

• 100% Premium Cashmere Wool
• Handmade by women in Nepal
• Generous Size: 125 cm X 250 cm (50 inches X 100 inches)
• Lightweight: 480-530 grams (approx.)
• Style: Chevron Pattern, Fringed Ends
• Multi-Purpose Use
• Suitable for All Seasons
• Hypoallergenic & Breathable
• Temperature Regulating: Keeps you cozy in winter, and comfy cool in summer.
• Sustainable and Eco-friendly: Supports local communities and sustainable practices in Nepal.
• Dry Clean Recommended
• Free Shipping Worldwide

Embrace the sophistication of our versatile blanket, available in enchanting shades of Moccasin Yellow and White. Whether you're snuggling on your couch during chilly winter evenings or enjoying a refreshing summer picnic, this hypoallergenic blanket pampers your sensitive skin. It transcends beyond home decor, becoming a timeless companion for all your adventures, be it in the comfort of your home or amidst the great outdoors.


• Bedding: Cozy and luxurious blanket for your bed.
• Sofa or Couch Throw: Adds warmth and style to your sofa or couch.
• Nursing or Baby Blanket: Comfort and warmth for nursing mothers or babies.
• Travel Companion: Provides comfort and familiarity during travels.
• Outdoor Activities: Ideal for picnics, camping, and outdoor events.
• Decorative Accent: Adds elegance and sophistication to home decor.
• Meditation or Yoga: Enhances comfort during meditation or yoga practice.
• Gift Option: Thoughtful and luxurious gift for special occasions.
• Pampering Yourself: Indulge in luxury and self-care moments.

Experience the rich heritage and impeccable craftsmanship of the Himalayas, promising unparalleled comfort and a profound connection to the heart of the region.

"Your purchase empowers underprivileged women for a better tomorrow. Together, we support and uplift these women, creating positive change and brighter opportunities for their lives."

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