Cashmere Care

Best Cashmere care tips

Cashmere is a very soft and delicate fabric which is why it holds a special place in everyone’s heart. We all want to preserve our Cashmere as long as we can but sometimes we don’t know how. As it is a delicate fabric, it requires a special care and handling to preserve the soft feel.

We want you to enjoy your Cashmere love as long as possible.

Here are the golden tips for long lasting Cashmere use:

Wearing Tips

  • Cashmere Pashmina is an expensive and delicate fiber, so we recommend wearing it on special occasions or 2 days in a week if possible, rather than using it as an everyday wear.
  • Avoid wearing your Cashmere Pashminas immediately after you spray deodorant on your body. Let the deodorant dry. Doing this will prevent the fragrance of deodorant to settle down on the pashmina, which after can be a huge trouble for you to remove.
  • Avoid spraying perfumes on your pashmina. This can create stains on your pashmina and even attract moths.
  • It is always good to be a conscious Cashmere wearer; making sure that your bag, wrist watch, clutches and other accessories don’t tangle your Cashmere while wearing it.

Cashmere Home Cleaning Tips

  • Try to avoid dry cleaning. Do it only if you need to get rid of some stubborn stains.
  • While washing use a big and clean sink or washing buckets.
  • Always use cold water to wash your Cashmere, hot water can shrink and misshape it.
  • Use a mild detergent or hair shampoo for washing the Cashmere Pashmina. Using a Hair shampoo is the best option as Cashmere fabric is basically Mountain goat’s guard hairs after-all.
  • Whirl your Cashmere gently with your hands after putting it into detergent/Hair Shampoo water. Do not rub them hard.
  • Avoid soaking your cashmere for a long time in the water. It turns dreadfully weighty after it soaks up with the water.
  • Give a soft and minimal press to squeeze out the soapy water from your Cashmere Pashmina as strong twists and presses will stretch and misshape the fabric, damaging its softness. Put Cashmere Pashmina on a towel and roll them together loosely to squeeze out excess water.
  • After washing, carry your Cashmere by the shoulder (if it’s big in size) as the fabric will stretch if carried hanging way.
  • Dry it flat on the surface placing a clean piece of cloth underneath the Cashmere. Hanging them to dry will stretch the fabric.
  • Do not dry it under direct sunlight, fire heats, and other heating appliances. Do not use hairs dryers on Cashmere.

Stain Removal Tips

  • Light stains can be self-removed by using mild stain removers with cold water, but don’t always take chances. We recommend dry cleaning if the stains are strong.
  • Gently whirl and wash your Cashmere after it is well soaked in the solution of water and stain remover.
  • Do not rub on the stained area to inhibit damage to the fabric.

Storing your Cashmere

  • Store your Cashmere in a clean dust free and moth free place.
  • Check for any food stains on your Cashmere and clean if exists before storing. Food stains attract moths.
  • Do not hang the Cashmere in your wardrobe hangers.
  • Fold your Cashmere with light tissue papers to avoid wrinkles.
  • Use steam irons to iron at a very mild temperature and making sure the iron is on woolen fabric mode.
  • Do not place other heavy fabrics on top of Cashmere while storing.


Follow these Cashmere care tips in order to preserve the softness and optimum use your Cashmere Pashminas. Good care and love are all they need.

Love your Cashmere and they will love you back.

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