About us

Nepali Handmade is a marketplace powered by a community of independent, local artisans and designers. Holding an objective to promote Nepali handmade collections worldwide, we truly abide to the definition of handmade fashion that are exclusively designed and handcrafted. 

Hand loomed cashmere wool fabric apparels

We are equally dedicated in promoting skilled woman artisans who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities. It is their skills and relentless hours of hard work that helps in bringing out these masterpieces into life.


Handmade products made from hardworking Nepalese women.


Nepali Handmade envisions to transforming lives of hundreds of artisans by promoting their products in the global market. While still preserving the core Nepali ethics, values and culture, Nepali Handmade aims in connecting with global customers and subsequently meeting their needs. 


Every purchase our customers make is directly or indirectly contributed to uplift the livelihoods of women artisans in leading economically independent lives.

Each collection from us is affectionately made and we are thrilled to introduce these collections to our beloved customers worldwide.