Healing Properties Of Lava Stones

The lava stones are the oldest stone in the world which is the reason it has been used for centuries amongst numerous different cultures. These stones come from the burning bubbles bursting out of volcano lava. The lava, when cools down after undergoing intense heat and pressure turns into a beautiful stone. But these stones are not just normal stones.

These little black permeable balls solidified from molten lava contains a very powerful healing benefit.

As lava stone is a grounding stone it strengthens human’s connection to the mother earth.



Use of lava stones gives us strength and courage, building the stability in our mind and body through times of change. It forces our mind and body towards positive changes avoiding the negativity around us. This stone has a very important benefit of managing anger and driving our anger towards calmness. Lava stones also improve fertility.



These stones healing properties can be easily demonstrated in use by the masseuses’ in the therapy centers as it is also a great diffuser of oil. Just a single drop of oil on it and the stone diffuses it for long.